Emma-Jane Smith, from England, worked for Academia Discover from 2014 - 2015.

My experience working at Academia Discover this year has been hands-down the most amazing year of my working life. I’ve worked in other educational settings, but before coming here I had never experienced such a warm, supportive, and friendly atmosphere! The Directors of Discover Academy are the most sincere, helpful and passionate people and I feel totally honoured to have worked in Discover! Working  with young learners this year, I was given full support but also the freedom to be creative in the classroom. At Discover your ideas are welcomed with open arms so if you are passionate, energetic and have a genuine love for teaching then I guarantee you will love Academia Discover.

The directors at Discover truly believe in personal and professional development of their staff and support you in any way possible as a friend, mentor and boss. Throughout the AMAZING two weeks of training we were given fantastic workshops, great team building activities and the opportunity to share our previous experience by giving workshops. I literally couldn't have asked for more and if you get the opportunity to work in this wonderful school, I am POSITIVE you will have a similar, if not even better experience.

As far as living in Lucena goes, I have met some genuinely lovely people through going to Flamenco classes (which are amazing), Tapas bars (with free tapas), nightclubs, ferias and much more. Also Lucena is in a perfect location as it's only 40 minutes to Cordoba and 40 minutes to Malaga. However everywhere is so easy to get to as public transport here is super.

I can honestly say I will genuinely miss Lucena and Discover as it really has been the best year of my life and I am truly grateful for all that the Directors of Academia Discover have done to make this such a wonderful experience.