Bridget Hutchings, from England, worked for Discover as her first teaching job from…


''I really don’t know where to start with explaining just how insightful, inspiring and truly incredible my experience at Discover was. It was my first full-time job since graduating university and completing my CELTA course and it has to be the most enlightening job I could ever have hoped for.

To start, it should be said that the atmosphere at the school was unbeatable. The academy was full of fun and positivity and this was all due to a great support system for the staff and pupils. Assieh and Miguel Angel both provided assistance with everything that we ever needed; they found us an amazing (and ridiculously cheap!) apartment; they supported us in getting our Spanish national insurance numbers; and they even gave us recipes for foods that they thought we’d enjoy.


As well as this, at the school we received workshops each Monday, which made teaching grammar a great deal simpler and a lot less stressful. We were then given the opportunity to teach our own grammar labs and so towards the end I was supported with teaching the other members of staff about identifying and non-identifying relative clauses (it sounds scary I know but it was actually fine with all of the help I received!). Because of these regular training sessions I have found that in my current workplace I am supporting other teachers (some who have been working for a lot more years than I have!) with different techniques for teaching grammar that make it simpler for the students to remember and master.


At these Monday sessions we also had games workshops where each teacher would bring a game or two to the group to share. We then discussed these as to how they could be adapted to the different ages, levels and abilities. I’m not sure if you get this at other academies but I must say that the way that Discover ran their training made it so much fun that you didn’t even realise you were learning valuable techniques.  This sense of learning through fun is at the core of Discover and this enjoyment fed into the teaching and the lessons to create the brilliant atmosphere that I mentioned earlier. It truly is an incredible place to work and so if you are a positive, creative and enthusiastic teacher then I highly highly highly recommend working there.


About Lucena itself, I should mention that the location is great. It’s within two hours of Granada, two and a half to Seville, one hour to Cordoba and one hour to Malaga. There are also buses to Cadiz and Madrid and they put on special buses for events and excursions that are being organized such as the Cadiz Carnival in February that was amazing! As for the town itself, there are many activities to get involved with but you just have to be proactive and determined to find them. These activities include: flamenco classes; martial arts classes; and volunteering with an organization for people with disabilities. There are also many young people in the town who are willing to take part in language exchanges if you want to practise your Spanish skills. There are also many bars with cheap (or free!) delicious tapas and there’s even a bar that gives bingo tickets with your drinks. It’s a great place to live and if you make the most of the opportunities around you then you’ll be able to adapt to the life there and make the most of living in the centre of Andalusia!''