Brendan Costello, from Ireland, worked in Lucena from 2014 - 2015

Working at Discover has changed me as a teacher. Coming here in September gave me the opportunity to grow both personally and professionally.

One of the many great things about Discover, which was obvious from day one, was the fact that this is an academy that wants its teachers to grow and develop, as well as its students. The owners, Assieh and Miguel Angel, are genuinely concerned for their teachers’ welfare and happiness, and this is one of the things that will make any teacher love working here.

Coming to Discover I was given the unique opportunity to state my preference in terms of the age profile of my students. Having taught both young learners and Cambridge exam classes in my previous job, I knew I wanted to specialise in the young learners, but also, didn´t want to lose the experience of having exam classes, and Assieh and Miguel Angel were more than accommodating to my requests. This is one of the stand out qualities of the academy, you can specialise in what you teach and in doing so really focus on that age group.

Professional development is important at Discover. We had two weeks of training before term started and on top of this we have a professional development meeting once a week. One of the great things about these meetings, and about the training period, is that not only are you given the opportunity to learn all about how Discover works, but you are also given the opportunity to bring your own experience and ideas to the table and lead some of the workshops. For me this was something that, in February, led to presenting a talk at the FECEI conference in Madrid. The support of Discover in achieving this was so important and I can´t thank them enough for the opportunity.

Every day is a new adventure, every week is a new event, and every month is a new challenge. There is always something going on at Discover. Shakespeare week, WOWness week, Culture month and every national and international holiday from St. Patrick´s Day to Iranian New Year are all events that we celebrated this year. It´s not just about teaching English, it´s about teaching culture and values and diversity.

Saying goodbye to Spain this year is going to be one of the hardest things I´ve ever had to do, but I can at least say that my time here has truly ended on a high note.