Bijan Arasteh, from England, worked for Academia Discover from 2013 - 2014

"My time at Academia Discover was a great learning experience for me and helped to develop my skills as a teacher and as an individual greatly. Assieh deeply cares for the success and wellbeing of all her students and this is at the heart of everything that the school does. At weekly staff development training and meetings I learned really useful and practical ideas on how to become a more well-rounded and effective teacher. Teaching morals, values and essential life skills are also at the core of the ethos at the school; it’s not just about teaching English here. Teachers genuinely have a chance to leave their mark on the school and actively engage with it. What I believe sets the school apart from many others is that it is for teachers who truly love facilitating learning and to get the most out of the development.


Lucena as a town is a charming place, particularly once the spring begins and the weather starts to pick up. I have made a great number of friends here, who I hope to keep in touch with after I leave. My advice to anyone moving to Lucena, particularly if you have never lived in Spain before, is use your free time to explore stunning Andalucia. There is a lot to see! My second piece of advice would be to brush up on your Spanish in advance of coming if you can because you can really get stuck in with the culture then and it will make life a lot easier at the beginning.


This is the school to work at if you’re serious about improving all the time as a teacher and are prepared to work hard. My students are absolutely wonderful and the journey with them this year has been a truly enriching experience. I’d like to thank them, along with Assieh and Miguel Angel and all the other staff for welcoming me into the school and for supporting me with anything I needed; professionally or personally.”