Alice Lewzey, from the UK, worked for Discover from 2013 - 2014.

'When I arrived In Lucena I was hoping to learn how to teach young learners and was excited to experience life in a different culture. The other teachers and I were warmly welcomed to Lucena by Assieh and Miguel Angel and also by the people of the town. It was easy to fit in, find a group of friends to get tapas with and establish a routine in Lucena.

 Apart from the town, my time here has been a happy one due to the dedication and passion put into the school as a whole and into the professional development of the other teachers and me. I have never felt so supported and valued as a team member. If I ever had a problem Assieh and Miguel Angel were on hand to help, whatever that problem may have been.

 The focus on teacher progression that Assieh has provided rubs off and creates a tone of friendly guidance throughout the school for the staff and students. I haven’t only learnt how to teach young learners but how to interact with them in a way which makes them want to learn. The school’s aim in encouraging creativity and exploring values is something which I feel is key to its success in imparting English skills to the students and (with equal importance) in their enjoyment of the classes.

 My students are always striving to tell me things which they do not yet have the language to convey, they then collaborate with each other to get the meaning across. It’s wonderful to see them working together to tell me about their new puppies, for example. My time at Academia Discover has not only taught me the strategies needed to be a good teacher but also the importance of the atmosphere of a school to create successful learning for all.'