Alex Acuyo is from the United Kingdom.  He worked in Lucena from 2010 - 2011.

My experience at “Academia Discover” was a truly superb one. After stepping off the plane and being on Spanish soil for just a few minutes, I was warmly welcomed by the owners of the academy (Assieh and Miguel Angel). I remember being instantly made to feel at ease by their friendly presence. Once I arrived in the intriguing town of Lucena, I was delighted to see that my accommodation had already been arranged for me in what just happened to be one of the best and most central parts of town! Miguel and Assieh gave me a tour of the town and gave me several useful recommendations: good places for food, things to do in (and out) of the town and so on. I think that one of the things that made me feel relaxed was the continual reassurance that they were happy to answer any questions or deal with any problems that I had at any time. This is something that you really appreciate when you’re new in town! Sure, Lucena is not Madrid or Barcelona, but it’s full of character and the fact that it is in the centre of Andalucia means that weekend away opportunities are endless!

As far as the academy goes, it is fair to say that I was more than impressed by how well-organized and coordinated everything is. The phrases “quality over quantity” and “attention to every detail” certainly came to my mind. From day one I was shown exactly where all of the resources were and how to deal with day to day tasks within the academy. It’s very rewarding to see how all of this hard-work and discipline pays off when you see the huge smiles on the children’s faces when they come to class. The workload felt manageable throughout the year. Ok, sure there were times when I had to do a little extra work (creating student reports/grades for e.g.), but this was never a problem, as I was always informed so far in advance. I really felt like I was “in the loop” throughout the whole year and I felt that my opinion was highly valued when it came to making important work-related decisions. I also liked the fact that I had such a wide-range of levels/ages to teach and that I had the support of the directors 100% of the time. I would give my overall experience with Academia Discover a 10/10.